Saturday, May 19, 2007

Five More Sleeps

We are in the final days of our life in Fort Albany. Life begins for real on Thursday when we move into our new house with our son, our dog and our cat. I am excited to be moving on - snow in the middle of May will do that. We have decided to charter a plan to move ourselves and our stuff out of here. Hopefully James Bay General will reimburse us for most of the cost. Off the top of my head, here are some of the things I am most looking forward to about living in Timmins.

1) High-speed internet: It makes me 20 minutes to download a song from iTunes, longer from Limewire.

2) Shopping in an actual grocery store and paying reasonable prices for food.

3) Wearing nice clothes to work. Dress pants and dress shoes just don’t seem necessary in Albany.

4) Going to hockey games.

5) Not having to get on a plane to leave town.

6) Not having to get on a plane to get an x-ray.

7) Horton’s Baby!!!!

8) Being near a vet (and not having to perform those operations ourselves)

9) Meeting a whole new set of friends (not that we don’t love the ones here)

10) Being close to KL

11) Having a choice in radio stations

12) Being in our own home

13) Being in the same town as a bank

14) Eating in restaurants

15) Going to a movie theatre

16) Going to a shopping mall

17) Having our parents visit

18) Getting a family doctor

19) Being able to drive down south on a whim

20) Taking Jonas to the beach

21) Camping in a provincial park

22) Day trips to other Northern communities

24) The possibility of joining a gym

25) Pavement


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